Why Choose Us
Why choose us?
Why choose us?

About Us:

This website is invested by Y T International Enterprise Inc. An international exhibition organizer, established in 2016. The exhibition business running with head company of China, which established in 2005, has been runing global business for over 15 years, has 50 employees in China, We have clients and business partners all over the world.

Why we started this website?

The COVID-19 affects our wxhibition business is the most, but our team is still trying the best for our customers and business partners. We have been studying the protective devices since end of Feburary, since the pandemic starts. We know how important it is to get the certificated protective suplies. Especially the masks. As we found the masks in the marketing is so over priced, quality is not guaranteed. Some of those are even were not from factory lisenced by Nation Medical Products Administration.

Our Goal:

To help the community get the protective products with fair price and good quality. We are making this webist not aiming for profit, just to keep our Canadian employees working, do our best to help the society go through this hard time soon, everyone can go back to normal life, and we can get back to our exhibition business too!

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We don't have any surgical mask so far!

Protective Masks, KN95 Masks,Childern's masks and other protective suplies will arrive in Canada before May 15th!